Saturday, February 27, 2010

Do Kn0w What To Do...

in this new entry,I'm gonna talk about something serious..
not that serious laa but quite serious..regarding my future..hihi
I don't know why but my parents keep talking about marriage recently..
not about their marriage life which is for almost 22nd year, they have been together
ALHAMDULILLAH..may our family happiness will last forever..INSYAALLAH..aminn :)
but it is about my marriage..O.M.G!!!
Mama,abah...I'm just turning into 21 this March ok..
bukan setakat pakwe,calon pon takde ag skrg ni..~sedey2...
My mom wants me to settle down in the age of 23-24
while my father targeted me around 25 to 26...
~adoyaii,camno nih..apo den nk buek skrg nih...
bkn itu jer,dieorg pon da start bincang psl nk cat baru,renovate umah..
nk wat majlis akad nikah la,berinai kecil,bersanding and so on la..
aku hnya mampu diam membisu..
lantak dieorg laa..malas nk msk campur..lagi

Friday, February 26, 2010

The truth

Recently,I know the truth about somebody..
I just feel a little bit upset..
A little bit only..
But,just let it be..
Forget the past..
Life has to move on..
The future is waiting for me..

Monday, February 15, 2010


Annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요 )...

<-magnificent view

It's been a while since the last time I'm blogging...
plus,this is the 1st entry since I'm home..
~haha,very lazy me..what to do rite???
 last Sunday,my family and I went to a recreational park..
quite famous la in Kuantan..
place for jogging,picnicking,dating~lalala
and so on la..
A night b4,my mom asked us to accompany her for jogging in the next morning (Sunday)
but I thought she was juz joking,so tak set la alarm clock nk bgn awl..

pagi Ahad tu,kalut2 la aku n adik aku,bgn bersiap..
seriously,my parent wanna go jogging..
arghh,bath for a few minutes,touch up sket2..
then,jeng jeng jeng..
mak aku terkejut coz both of us wearing jeans and not track suit..
"Leh jogging ke pakai sluar jeans ni ?"my mom said.
"Sape ckp org nk jogging.Org taknak joging " I answered.
pastu,pop pek pop pek..
bermula la syarahan percuma dr mamaku itu..
but,luckily it's juz for a while only..haha
while my parent jogging,we did some xtvt too..which is..
here,I include some of pictures taken on that day...

posing near the lake

candid picture taken by my sis

on the bridge

where to go??? ~confused..

pose manja gitu..~lalala..

catch up with u all later..BYE..


Thursday, February 4, 2010


I can't wait for this upcoming Saturday...
me n all my besties are going to have a picnic..
Hutan Lipur Sekayu,Terengganu..
Im really excited and looking forward for it..
It's have been my dreams for ages
to go and enjoy the view and surrounding Hutan Lipur Sekayu..
especially THE WATERFALL..

Hey, down ok...
before enjoying your day,
u got BIO310 test on the day before..
which is on Friday..
get yourself ready for the test..
you'll be a dead meat..

I shall not be so excited..many things are coming ahead..
another tests and THE MOST IMPORTANT THING
Oh My God,Im really nervous..

Ya Allah,give me courages and calm me down..
Hopefully,I'll perform better..
Last but not least, wanna wish..
Good Luck & All the best to me and my Peeps..

until then,catch up with you all later...


My next Birthday...

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